My Skincare Routine

I always had great skin until I was turned 18-19, and then I started dealing with really deep and painful hormonal acne around the time I got my period and it’s taking me almost 10 years to figure out my skin and what products work best for me. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin in the last couple of years so I feel pretty comfortable sharing what works/doesn’t work for me.



Cleanser: I use one of two, depending on how my skin feels. The Om Organics White Willow Cleansing Gel is hands down my favourite cleanser. Om Organics is a company in Invermere, BC that I discovered in the Fall last year while on vacation there. Their line is affordable and effective. You can buy in person at their store, or online. Their cleanser doesn’t strip my skin at all and helps keep my oil at bay. I also have the LaRoche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for when my skin is oilier. I like this because it’s pH balanced and has really helped clear up any spots that pop up.

Toner: Personally, I think buying expensive toners are a huge waste of money. I never notice a difference when I have purchased them in the past. I always heard great things about using cheap regular rose water and I am officially a convert. I think I paid about $3 for it at Walmart. I just apply it with a cotton pad and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and even soothed it when my skin is irritated.

Serum: I love face serums and think the investment in a good one is worth it. I think I paid about $60 for this Eminence one at a local health shop. I have been using the Eight Greens Youth Serum for about a month and have noticed a huge difference in the brightness of my skin. Serums are great because you can use such a small amount and they help make all the rest of your skincare more effective. Eminence is one of my favourite skincare brands.

Moisturizer: I’m currently using up a Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream with SPF as my daytime moisturizer. I don’t notice that it does much for my skin besides the SPF and I honestly don’t even recommend it, I am just trying to use it up before buying an Eminence moisturizer. For night cream, I switch between a heavier and lighter product. I tend to use a heavier one when my skin is feeling a bit dry. Right now I am using up a Caudalie Premier Cru creme that I got as a sample. It’s really rich and hydrates my skin. The other night product I use is one I found at Winners for about $6. I looked up a review of it before spending a whopping $5.99 on it, and it seemed like a good product. It’s the 145 Night Renewal Facial Lotion (for men) which apparently helps with exfoliation. I’m not too sure about that, but it’s a light night moisturizer and I will use it up.

Face Masks: This Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque is being discontinued (it’s currently on sale so BUY IT), but it is one of my favourite masks. I’m almost done this huge tube of it. It really smooths my skin and I find if I put it on when my skin is not as clear as I want it to be, it helps get rid of any spots or congested skin areas. I am always buying face masks when I come across ones by brands I usually have already used and love, currently I have these two FarmHouse Fresh masks that I just picked up at Lux Beauty Boutique in Edmonton for about $25/tub. This Pudding Apeel one is great for turning dull skin into radiant skin as it has glycolic acid and AHAs. The second mask, Guac Star, is great for hydrating your skin. I’ve used them both and highly recommend them.


Supplements: I take a daily probiotic and digestive enzymes. I have read both help with skin issues because they can be tied to gut health. I’m not sure if the probiotic has done much for my skin, but I know taking the digestive enzyme has cleared up this weird congestion I was getting on my forehead and in between my eyebrows. The congestion looked like small white bumps, but they weren’t white heads. They just sort of lingered for the last year or so. As soon as I started taking the enzymes, the spots cleared right up.

Acupuncture: I get facial acupuncture when I go to my regular acupuncture sessions. I don’t get it as much anymore since my skin has cleared up a lot in the last 5 years, but I found it helped with the deep under the skin spots I would get. It would help fight the inflammation in those spots and they would go away faster after a session. I also found that acupuncture helped with any scarring I had.


If you have any questions about the products I use or where to find them, let me know!


Weekend Roundup

This weekend was a busy one, it flew by fast but I did a lot and enjoyed myself as you’ll get to see below.


  • I attended the Grand Opening of a new local goods shop called “Majesty and Friends” (6421 112 Ave, Edmonton) in the Highlands neighbourhood. They had swag bags for the first so many customers, they ran out two people in front of me ha ha WOMP WOMP. I was in and out within 5 minutes because it was packed in there, but I managed to buy a friend a small gift for her upcoming birthday. I have started to make more of an effort to buy gifts from local shops when I can. You can follow the store on Instagram at 
  • I took Lexi for a nice long walk in one of the off leash dog parks in the river valley, it wasn’t sunny until much later in the day but the weather was perfect.
  • I stopped in at the newest Brewery District shop, The Art of Cake, to check it out. I walked away with a salted caramel macaron and a jalepeno cheddar scone, they were tasty! I’m definitely planning my next coffee date there.
  • I met up with a friend for a walk near her home in the river valley. It was gorgeous outside and it was nice to catch up with her. We grabbed coffee/tea from Little Brick and took her daughter to the park in their neighbourhood.
  • I attended one of the Lux Beauty Boutique’s makeup classes called Face Fundamentals with a friend. I’ve previously been a couple of their classes (probably close to 5 years ago) but tagged along with a friend who wanted to go and learn the basics. I still had a wonderful time and their new space is beautiful. The two makeup artists/staff who lead the class were great and you are able to learn a lot of the basics in the two hours this class was scheduled for. The only thing I miss when I compare their recent makeup classes is that the $50 you pay covers the class only, whereas before they would let you put the $50 towards any items you purchased in their shop that day. If you’d like to check out their upcoming events, the link is 
  • I signed up for a 7 pm yoga class at Hive Fit Co., it was my first time taking a yoga class at their studio and I really enjoyed it. The class I took was called “Restore and Revive” and is suitable for beginners. I think I am going to do a more in depth review of Hive as a studio later this week since I’ve now taken all of their offered classes (Cycle, Row and Yoga).


Tell me, did you do anything interesting this weekend?