Rocky Mountain Soap Company Natural Deodorant Review

FullSizeRenderAlright friends, I am a huge believer in this deodorant! Rocky Mountain Soap Co (a Canmore based company) posted a 30 Day Deodorant Challenge at the beginning of March and I knew that I had to try it for myself when I found out it was an affordable $9. This stuff is one of the best 100% natural deodorants I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried A TON!

A little about the product from their website: Our natural deodorants are made using Potassium Alum, a naturally occurring salt that doesn’t clog your pores or pass into your bloodstream. They are 100% toxin-free which keeps your pits fresh and your body clean. I LOVE that there is no baking soda in their product! I find that my pits get pretty irritated and red if that is one of the ingredients and I am so glad I haven’t had any negative reactions to the RMSC one.

I started dabbling in natural deodorants a few years ago and have never really found “THE ONE” for me before giving this one a go. The other one I loved is from NYC and it’s pricey to ship here so I have been without it ever since. I tried a Calgary based company’s natural cream deodorant recently and it seems to BLOCK my pits with a beeswax-y film and I did NOT SMELL GOOD FOR about 2 weeks and it took about another 2 weeks for me to stop smelling so gross once I stopped using it, it sucks because it was hella esssspensive but I am too nervous to try it again!

Anyways, on to that new new deo. I picked up the above Lemongrass scent and it’s definitely my favourite scent at RMSC. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks straight and am loving it. I definitely feel I went through the whole detox period mentioned in this blog post on their website, I totally smelled worse before I started to smell better ha ha! It was so worth it though because now I stay pretty stink free when I use it. I love the easy roller application of it, and it dries down quickly and doesn’t leave any residue or film on my skin.

I don’t know about anyone else but this kept me smelling good during the day. Working out was another story as I ran with this stuff on, and also did a spin class with it and I obvs stunk during/after. I honestly have never expected any deodorant to hold up 100% against hard exercise, it never had and likely never will and that is normal to me. If I’m working out hard, I know I’m going to smell not so nice.

After spending so much money on trying AT LEAST TEN different natural deodorants and being disappointed almost every time, I am happy I finally found the one for me. I will repurchase this stuff forever and ever because it’s cheap and it actually works. You can buy their products in store (two locations in YEG (WEM and Southgate) or online.

If you buy and try it, let me know how it worked out for you and what scent you bought because I’d love suggestions on which scent to buy when I run out.



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