Life lately and Gratituesday


It’s been a while, and I haven’t felt too motivated to write recently. I randomly will have all these great ideas for blog posts I should write,  but the ideas end up forgotten about by the time the day is over so I just bought a small journal to write my ideas down in, and hopefully that keeps me on the ball more.

To catch up on what I’ve been doing lately, I will give you a brief rundown:

-I’ve went to therapy late last week and it was pretty good, things are winding down with Brian as I feel I’ve gotten a good grip on the big stuff we have been talking about. Instead of booking with him weekly, I am starting to book every 2-3 weeks.

-I ran a half marathon that I have been training for 3 months for, last Sunday. It was long, and tough but I felt pretty great during the whole thing. My body didn’t start hurting until the last 4 km were left. I made sure to prepare my mind in the days before the run, talking over a few scenarios and my fears I had. I really think that helped quiet my mind and I didn’t doubt myself once during the run. I decided to talk the rest of last week off as rest and recovery, and then Alberta happened and it’s been freezing this week so I am off until the free Love2Run 5k walk/run at all Running Room locations this upcoming Saturday, luckily it will warm up by then. I am doing it solo as I couldn’t convince anyone to come run with me.

-I’ve been feeling a bit off balance and overwhelmed lately in other areas of my life, the main stressors are work, and family. Work has been non-stop go go go, which means my days are flying by, but it also means I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything on my to-do list done. This feeling should start easing up by next week I am hoping. The family issue is that we have a member of my family staying with us, and that person has  stayed a bit too long and is wearing on my nerves and not respecting boundaries. Luckily, they are moving out by the middle of this month. I’m sure they can’t wait for their own space because I know I can’t wait to have the rest of my space back.

-I have continued a lucky streak of winning giveaways and contests off social media. My close friends are convinced I have a horseshoe up my ass. One friend suggested I keep track of what I win, so I think I will keep a spreadsheet from now on. I don’t know what it is, but i have won an obscene amount of stuff in the last 2 years, 2016 was exceptional for this, and this new year has me seeing my BIGGEST win yet. I WON a freaking TREADMILL (and some other cool stuff, like a year’s supply of smartwater!!) from, which is a blog I’ve been reading for the last few years at least. I was having a really shitty day until i got the email from Nancy saying that I won (our dog, Lexi, has been sick this last week, and that was the first day which meant our house was basically covered in her shit and it was not fun to clean up). Anyways, you should check out Nancy’s blog, she writes about beauty, fitness, and travel. She is hilarious and super sweet and loves coffee as much as I do. Nancy is Canadian, she is originally from Newfoundland, and has been living in California with her husband, Scott and their cute dog, Alfie.

I wanted to introduce something I heard about, which I am going to try my best implementing as a regular thing on my blog, it’s called Gratituesday. Basically, every Tuesday, I am going to post what I am feeling gratitude for. On my journey to being my most authentic self, I have been focusing on what I have and what is abundant in my life, rather than what I don’t have.

Today, I feel gratitude for:

  • my amazing friends, they have listened to me vent about my irritating family issue, even when they have their own big stressors in their lives right now.
  • my body, as it allows me a lot of freedom. anytime I feel like I am complaining about my level of fitness I try and remember that I am so blessed that I have the ability to walk and run and do a lot of physical activities, I try and remember that a lot of people are not as blessed as those who are able-bodied.
  • my spouse, he is the yin to my yang. when i’m down, he brings me up (it works both ways as I’ve been known to be sickly positive when he finds himself in a negative headspace). he believes in me, more than i believe in myself sometimes and I am just so gracious for this. he is my best friend and I love to laugh off the stress with him.

Please share with me, tell me at least one thing you are feeling gratitude for.


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