hello, is this thing on?


So last week I decided to make it official and tell people I was starting a blog. I wanted to hit publish with a goal of… yesterday, but fear took over soon after I made that decision and immediately I felt like I should abandon my plan because I didn’t think I could do it (a lifelong issue), once I recognized that it was fear I was feeling, I knew I would just let it pass and then plow ahead as soon as it did… so here it goes: 


My name is Amelia and I was born & raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

I decided to start a blog to share my thoughts, mostly for myself, but also for anyone else who may be interested.

I plan to write about: my everyday life, travel and upcoming plans, my passion for running and trying new things in regards to fitness, food/restaurants, bettering myself so I can live my best life, learning more about myself and my struggles with food and body image, goals, and anything else I think might resonate with others.



  1. Jeannette · January 11

    Yaaaaas kween!! Beyond proud of you for embarking on this new journey. I can’t wait to see what your future and this blog have in store.


    • ameliaauthentic · January 11

      Ahhh my first comment hehe I am nervous, excited, and looking forward to finding my stride in the blogging world!


  2. Chelle · January 11

    I am sooooo excited to get to be able to read about YOU!


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